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                                                          WUNAM SACRED SOCIETY NEWS

Wunam is proud to announce our newest products. Brother Adinkrahene's Deflection Oil. This is a very powerful oil to deflect negative energy, deflect ritual work someone has tried to do on you or send to you, it also will send that energy back to original owners. Wunam(nicky love) powerful Mesmorize Me Oil to make him/her just be mesmorized by you all the time as long as you have this oil on. Wunam powerful Magic Candles for Love,Money,Health, First/Third Eye Opener and Employment. These candles are prayed over with african prayers, infused with african herbs,spirits and medicines. 

Wunam has also made our readings more affordable for people who may be struggling financially. We offer various types of readings starting from 
$25.00-$150.00(skype). We also conduct tarot card reagings(by brother Adinkrahene) divination (nicky love wunam) as well as being clairvoyant,clairaudient, mediumship, ancestral readings.

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