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                                        WUNAM RITUALS

All rituals are performed at our personal shrines and specific to each clients needs. All items and money are due before any ritual is performed. We do offer payment plans, rituals requiring a payment plan will be started but not completed until client pays in full.

Free Ritual Of The Month

MONEY RITUAL: To obtain money for bills you need a brown paper bag small in size, 3 eggs, white gin and palm oil.  Write the amount of money you need on all 3 eggs and what bill it is for i. e (gas bill, electric, or health). Spit 3 sprays of gin on each egg and a drop of your blood on each egg, then rub with palm oil, call the spirit IKENGENYA 3 times for men and 4 times for women. Place all three eggs in the brown paper bag and place under your bed for 3 days. Remove bag Do Not Be Afraid if there is movement from the bag. DO NOT LOOK INSIDE..take outside and bury by a tree of your energy drawing.   

 Paid Rituals 

Love Ritual(Basic) $150.00 up. Requires hair, nails, and pictures of persons involved. 

Court Case Rituals   $150.00-$500.00 certain items will be required.

Health Rituals (Basic)  $200.00 up. Requires a divination first to determine if clients ancestors have another plan for that persons and their health.

Protection Ritual (Basic)  $150.00 up. Depending on what kind of ritual you would like performed on your behalf (i.e Some one is trying to curse me) requires hair, nails and picture of person.

Remove Hexes & Generational Curses  $250.00-$500.00 pictures, hair, nails and clothing items will be required from person/s.

Banishing Rituals(Basic)  $150.00 up. Requries picture of person/s.

Job Rituals (Basic) 75.00 up

We perform many other rituals not listed please call to inquire: 646-979-8626

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